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25.03.2013 Our company has figured elements of granite paving in stock.

Фигурные элементы мощения

Figured paving elements (FEM) of granite is quite a new trend in the field of materials of granite, which allows you to more fully realize the desire for aesthetics surrounding area near the house, and not only. In addition, for many years, granite is considered one of the most durable on the wear resistance of the material, he is not afraid of no heat, no cold, no sun. Large selection of colors of granite (black, gray, red, pink, green, dark blue) allows to come up with different patterns and shapes with curved laying paving elements of granite. Figured elements of granite paving (FEM) can have three types of surface treatment: polishing, which gives the stone a glossy sheen; buchardirovanie and heat treatment fully perform the function of slip resistance, which is important in our climate.

Large selection of granite in different colors, elements in the form of a cell and a diamond.

Figured paving elements of granite have a high level of wear resistance and decoration. Different forms of the elements and a range of natural granite colors can create interesting patterns and designs.

Available in stock.

Price from 300 USD without sorting by color and type of treatment.

Price from 330 USD sorted by color and type of treatment (grinding, heat treatment, sawn)

1) to two colors or types of treatment according to the price list on the tiles

2) more than two colors or more kinds of processing price by 20%

3) small diamond-shaped boxes for 20% more price-list prices on the tiles

4) A large component of the following 5 different forms of 750 grn/m2.

With hope for long-term cooperation

Author: Alexey Stasiv


Launched a new series of machines

In our company launched a new series of tools to improve product quality and meet the growing needs of customers (increasing demand for products made of granite).

Among the new tools:

1. Multisaw for the production of tiles and slabs of high quality;

2. Fasochny machine for cutting and polishing the bevel up to 5 mm on the tile that protects it from chipping and makes it more beautiful and neat;

3. Launched a new automatic machine for cutting shaped and polished chamfer on the table tops, window sills, stairs;

4. Buchardirovochny running machine, which provides a new product for Ukrainian market buchardirovannuyu tile that is not inferior to the surface of the heat-treated, but sometimes has a more noble texture cladding for facades and plinths;

5. Started sandblasting stone, which provides the growing needs of our customers additional elements of the stone surface and design elements.

6. Launched CNC machine to cut reliefs and bas-reliefs of a variety of materials: natural and artificial stone (granite, marble, sandstone, etc.), wood, glass, plastic, non-ferrous metals, composite materials, etc.

We are always open to new technologies and trends in the treatment of stone to reach Bol TEMPLE standards of service our customers needs.


Participation PE "CONTACT" in the International specialized exhibition "MINING AND PROCESSING OF STONE"

Private enterprise "CONTACT", as one of the leading stone processing industry in Ukraine this fall participated in the International Forum "Industry of Stone" and in the International specialized exhibition "MINING AND PROCESSING OF STONE" which was held on 16-18 October 2012 at the International Exhibition Center, Brovarskoy Prospect, 15, Kyiv, Ukraine (http://expo.ucci.org.ua/member/id.2313/lang.1/eid.1138/)

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About Company

Private enterprise "Contact" produces and imports of natural stone granite, labradorite, onyx, marble, sandstone.

State of emergency "contact" is in the Zhytomyr region, in close proximity to the majority of Ukrainian granite deposits, which greatly affects the price of our products. In the production we use the latest technology of stone that achieve the best combination of physical beauty, strength and durability of products. Granite tiles, granite curbs, granite steps, granite window sills, granite monuments, paving stones, balusters, vases, bowls, fireplace portals, custom fireplaces, fountains, sculptures, mosaics, reliefs, rosettes made of marble, moldings, base - that's not the full list Products offered by us.

Good things do not need advertising. This fully applies to the natural stone. In our modern world - the century of artificial products, man-made materials, artificial relations, is still a place for a natural (real). Because everybody knows that this heat can only give these things (parquet floors, natural wood furniture, natural plaid, real wine, a stone fireplace with real fire).

We always advise customers not to waste your time on the ease and cheapness of the imaginary plastic window sills, countertops and MDF-panels, linoleum floors, concrete steps, concrete paving stones - these things just will not last a long time, but very often they are harmful to us and our loved ones.

It's no secret that the leader of construction technology and innovation are the cottage areas of large cities, and so many of our customers today - it's serious successful people who have gone through more than a repair. So for many of these objects ten or twenty years ago were laid concrete blocks (in the extreme case of the cheap sandstone), ceramic tile facades and entrances, plastic window sills, tin ebb and as a result they are now massively repositioned, dismantle destroyed, cracked, spalled, faded materials for natural reliable and often granite memorial stone. So why was obtained to invest, work, force a blank materials? Do not make it easier to do once reliably and accurately? So trust us - professionals and take the right decision - make stone products from us.

Our favorite materials are our Zhitomir granite - they are not only the best of the best Ukrainian and world of granite, but very clean and safe. They belong to the first group by radioactivity, ie approved for use in homes and public places. While a number of Ukrainian granite, such as granite Tokovskoe (Dnipropetrovsk region) - not just radioactive, like the rest "nezhitomirskie" granite belonging to the second group of radiation, radioactive, having a very real examination at the third group of radiation (banned in the road construction without covering). Our company is fundamentally, not even looking at the big low cost of raw materials Tokovskoe granite and high profitability prerabotki it does not work with this granite - we value our customers. And it does not matter who the health of his workers and customers - even recycles and sells dangerous goods. But this is not our way to you.

The most popular Zhitomir granites are granites: Basil field Pokostivske field mezherichenskogo field Emelyanovskiy field maslavskogo field chovnovsky granite, Simonov field Buka gabbro, labradorite different, but truly king and queen zhitomisrkih stones are granite and labradorite Leznikovsky Blue Volga.

PE "Contact" is a manufacturer of natural stone, as in standard sizes as well as for individual plans and projects. Worktops, window sills, steps, risers, skirting with complex profiles, handrails, vases, cornices - today they are not interchangeable in any private home cottage and even an apartment. Facing the work premises; Manufacturing facades of natural stone, porches, countertops for homes, cafes, bars and restaurants, sculptural, and bas-relief engraving of the elements; Landscaping (fountains, rock gardens, walking paths, benches) work on individual projects ( paintings on marble and granite, sculpture, bas-reliefs). Manufacturing of monuments and gravestones - the stele, stands, flower beds with a variety of engraving works.

In the presence of a wide range of Ukrainian granite and labradorite deposits of various colors, marble, onyx, sandstone and we deliver on order from India, China and other countries.

Indulge in touch with the world of natural stone - come or call us and we will reveal to you the real world of real relationships and materials.

Our company is open to partnerships ...

Author: Alexey Stasiv

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