Launched a new series of machines

In our company launched a new series of tools to improve product quality and meet the growing needs of customers (increasing demand for products made of granite).

Among the new tools:

1. Multisaw for the production of tiles and slabs of high quality;

2. Fasochny machine for cutting and polishing the bevel up to 5 mm on the tile that protects it from chipping and makes it more beautiful and neat;

3. Launched a new automatic machine for cutting shaped and polished chamfer on the table tops, window sills, stairs;

4. Buchardirovochny running machine, which provides a new product for Ukrainian market buchardirovannuyu tile that is not inferior to the surface of the heat-treated, but sometimes has a more noble texture cladding for facades and plinths;

5. Started sandblasting stone, which provides the growing needs of our customers additional elements of the stone surface and design elements.

6. Launched CNC machine to cut reliefs and bas-reliefs of a variety of materials: natural and artificial stone (granite, marble, sandstone, etc.), wood, glass, plastic, non-ferrous metals, composite materials, etc.

We are always open to new technologies and trends in the treatment of stone to reach Bol TEMPLE standards of service our customers needs.