25.03.2013 Our company has figured elements of granite paving in stock.

Фигурные элементы мощения

Figured paving elements (FEM) of granite is quite a new trend in the field of materials of granite, which allows you to more fully realize the desire for aesthetics surrounding area near the house, and not only. In addition, for many years, granite is considered one of the most durable on the wear resistance of the material, he is not afraid of no heat, no cold, no sun. Large selection of colors of granite (black, gray, red, pink, green, dark blue) allows to come up with different patterns and shapes with curved laying paving elements of granite. Figured elements of granite paving (FEM) can have three types of surface treatment: polishing, which gives the stone a glossy sheen; buchardirovanie and heat treatment fully perform the function of slip resistance, which is important in our climate.

Large selection of granite in different colors, elements in the form of a cell and a diamond.

Figured paving elements of granite have a high level of wear resistance and decoration. Different forms of the elements and a range of natural granite colors can create interesting patterns and designs.

Available in stock.

Price from 300 USD without sorting by color and type of treatment.

Price from 330 USD sorted by color and type of treatment (grinding, heat treatment, sawn)

1) to two colors or types of treatment according to the price list on the tiles

2) more than two colors or more kinds of processing price by 20%

3) small diamond-shaped boxes for 20% more price-list prices on the tiles

4) A large component of the following 5 different forms of 750 grn/m2.

With hope for long-term cooperation

Author: Alexey Stasiv