International specialized exhibition "MINING AND PROCESSING OF STONE"

The purpose of the International specialized exhibition "MINING AND PROCESSING OF STONE" would provide an opportunity for companies operating in the field of natural stone processing, show a wider audience a line of its products, find customers and partners. Our company PE "Contact" exhibited its products in two ways:

The first task - products made of natural stone (tile, countertops, window sills, curbs, steps, fireplace portals, sculptures, etc.) from domestic and imported granite, labradorite, gabbro, marble, with whom we work.

The second trend was the same equipment, tools and accessories for use with natural stone - as we are representatives of several leading manufacturers of quality products from China.


Such exhibitions are opening up vast opportunities as businesses, manufacturers and customers better understand and explore the natural stone and its scope for interior and exterior design.

Private enterprise "CONTACT" received the award in the form of a Diploma of the International Forum "The industry's Stone." And our stand was the largest and most informative on the number of samples and products on display

Международная выставка

As a result, we found a lot of new potential customers for our products, significantly expanded its customer base and have received high marks from old customers and even competitors.